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River Nuñez, b. 1997,
Based in Encinitas, California, USA



2015, Mercy Beyond Borders National Video Contest - $1000 cash prize

Hello, my name is River Nunez and I am a recent Cinema Television Arts graduate from California State University Fullerton. I got into video production my freshman year (2011) of high school and by the time I was a senior (2015), I was Creative Director of all productions made by the student run Film Department at Presentation High School, including a weekly news webcast aired during homeroom on Tuesdays. 

At CSUF I was trained in Standard Professional Production Techniques, as well as Digital Effects and Social Media Management. While working for Thump Records I gained experience working with/for clients by producing advertisements, directing and editing music videos, and managing onsite event filming for various car shows in the Orange County Area.

As a recent graduate I hope to find a company willing to teach and grow my production and post-production knowledge in the hopes of one day learning enough to fulfill my dream of producing a documentary.

Contact me - 

(408) 802-0170

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